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I am a game maker serriusly, but really I can be a good voter or an EVIL one If anyone wants to talk to me email will be the best idea or pms

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Posted by zombie4208 - February 22nd, 2012

Posted by zombie4208 - January 20th, 2012

I have scraped the resent design of a game and instead replaced it with a more coder Friendly design. it is a 6-player survival on a tri-plane platformer scale with cover and character customization. The game uses a lot of 3s. 3 characters per a weapon class, 3 areas of customisation, 3 weapons per a character ect. It fallows the story of the previous project, just before that game takes place. I will be voicing one character, just like my friends will voice the character that I designed after them... what. As for new story numbah 2, i'm wrighting a My Little Pony Fan-Fic, no shiping... and I just got a ton of new software, so I can finally do my animations...
stay tuned and stay frosty my friends.

Posted by zombie4208 - September 29th, 2011

With the begining of school, I have found a new reasons to resume development. FIRSTLY I am gathering new materals for the development such a tablet, a microphone and geting my friends rounded up to make them voice act. I have made much concept art over the month school, ill be scanning that stuff soon. so i am still asking my communty of oh say 3 people who actualy care to get more ideas for development. I am intersted in artists (musical) so if your avalble contact me in late development. If ANYONE has ideas for weapons, chalenges, costumes for Ethan, other character, and anything that could help (no money will be accepted. hats are). and the first 5 people that give me ideas will also receve a in game skin for sure. look for IMPOSIBLE on the xbox live market place in the year 2552.
If you help, you will be 20% cooler.
If you find me on steam under the name Ethan Varvosov feel free to give any ideas. Im going to on ether poni poni poni or intox surf.

Schools in class

Posted by zombie4208 - July 30th, 2011

As you do know it is summer and i haven't updated my NGblog about my game though i have made a proto type with C++. it is not available to you but there are somethings i need help with.
1 I have yet to come up with a name for our MC poll #1
2 I am accepting any ideas for enemys and weapons, for the latter i have a researcher and artis by the name of theflyingtutrle.
lastly 3 I will get onto concept art so I will put up a contest. one choosen winner will have a fullbody DRAWN image usen to create a player skin for the release. also music deals can be discussed if you are someone who wants some recognition in the credits.
thats all for now, I'll get working on concept art, don't be afraid to comment, and as always have nice day.

Posted by zombie4208 - April 28th, 2011

while most may note that public intrest in the game has lowered :C
I do have something.
see you all when Production gets started

Posted by zombie4208 - April 18th, 2011

OK... I will admit I have goten zero work sence the last post on said game... but I can promiss that over the summer much work will be done on it. Perhaps even a beta...
soo far I have been distracted by minecraft... I've done alot of good things there such as skins and maps ect.

I'll report back when something comes up
in the meentime look at this great (ok) skin for my self :D

you will have to email me to get said png. picture

Posted by zombie4208 - January 19th, 2011

so if you haven't heard I'm making a game.
Here is a time line

2005-ish I buy a skech book and started making a reprenstaion of my self
2009 the me evolves into a much more realistic state but still deformed
2010 drawn me turns into a madness-esc shape and the idea for the game starts
2011 Production begins and the plot thickens

and so here is the basic story

the main character is no longer me... he is now ... I'll give you a name when I have one... fredicson or logan. any way he has a normal life as a unknown job. one day he and his also unnamed friend flip a coin and the most unlikely thing happens, it lands on its side. verticaly. | so he leaves the apartment to find him self confronted by a man wealding a knife. basicly the attacker dies _____ finds a map to a facility which houses a impoboblity device. yes madness. any way, the HERO must fight through four bases to shut down all the devices.
It works like madness interactive, but the big thing is STORY.
while ____'s backstory remains unknown It will be revealed in gameplay and cutseens. WOOH
I'm thinking of adding in outfit skins for the player SO I will basterdize any who want to be in the game. Only the best 3 will make it. so Email the Images and what not.
I'm Thinking about voice acting, but I'll peroboly do it my self. +1 month of work ._.
I hope any one responds to this...
no not you
Expect the game in +5 months
when I get a working scanner you'll be able to see the consept art.
In the comments can you vote for fredricson or logan for the name... or sugest a new name even.

edit: It may take more time than I expected, but It will be done. I will not be like duke nukem

Posted by zombie4208 - January 12th, 2011

Its still in progress, but the music has been scraped due to copy right LAWS
anywhom ya its coming to gether
ill say when its done and when it is check it outmon xblia
see ya
no concept art though

Posted by zombie4208 - November 29th, 2010

I have decided to say what a few songs that will appear in my New game that will most likely be done by 2011-2012

diobolic commertal ideas
simple sight
clown song of death
and calitope
this may change so ill keep you up dated

Music list for game!

Posted by zombie4208 - November 11th, 2010

I've decided to do free commisions! YAY and the best 3 ideas will make it in to the game.
also i have finished my concept arts for now and will get on with level designs.
just PM or email me with your picture yay